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we adopt an academic and strategic approach to website development, creating professional solutions with acute attention to detail We understand the crucial role of high-performance online presence, that's why we host our projects on our powerful VDS servers located in the Netherlands and Germany

Brand Design Services
Brand Design Services

If you don't yet have a trademark, we'll custom-design one for you. We present various concepts for you to choose from, then refine your chosen idea into the final logo. Our professional team handles all the technical aspects, so you can focus on your products and their content. Rest assured, we've got you covered.

Hosting Services We Offer
Hosting Services We Offer

We manage a variety of Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS), each subdivided into Virtual Private Servers (VPS). To ensure your project excels and performs swiftly, we initially deploy it on a VPS with specifications such as 4GB RAM, a dual-core processor, supplemented with cPanel Plesk and SSL security. This arrangement guarantees rapid performance and includes a complimentary one-year service.

Custom Store Design
Custom Store Design

We craft a unique design for your store, reflecting your brand's color scheme. Through either software like AnyDesk or TeamViewer or an in-person office visit, we engage you in every step of the design process. After comprehensive consultation, your website will be primed and ready to launch.

Site Indexing and Pro Plugin
Site Indexing and Pro Plugin

Once the design is complete, we generate a robot.txt file to facilitate Google in crawling and indexing your site. Additionally, we provide plugins that enable unlimited keyword indexing. Please note, the professional plugins we offer are not available for free.

Building Applications with World-Class Technologies

at eGateweb. We specialize in developing applications using the best technologies available, like Flutter and React Native. This approach not only enhances your services but also contributes to increasing your sales.

Custom Taxi AppsCustom Taxi Apps

We can develop a high-quality taxi application for both drivers and users, complete with a control panel. Our solutions are comparable to Uber or any other major taxi platform worldwide.

Mobile Application for Your StoreMobile Application for Your Store

We can augment your business by extending your store onto Google Play and the iOS platform. Regardless of your website's nature, rest assured that we are capable of developing the necessary APIs and launching your applications on these global platforms.

Multi-Restaurant Delivery AppMulti-Restaurant Delivery App

We are capable of developing a comprehensive UberEats-like platform or any project within the food delivery sector. Our offering includes a website, applications, a dedicated control panel for restaurants, and a special admin control panel.

News App DevelopmentNews App Development

We can integrate your blog or news website with applications on Google Play and iOS platforms. This expands your readership, allows for the dispatch of notifications, and ensures your important news reaches your readers promptly

Chat ApplicationsChat Applications

We are adept at creating and refining communication applications, capable of supporting text, audio, or video conversations. We will design and adapt any concept you have in this field to meet your specific needs.

Game Applications and Ad SpacesGame Applications and Ad Spaces

If you're looking to create a game for Google Play and iOS platforms, or interested in leveraging ad spaces within it, don't hesitate to get in touch. We can help realize this project and enhance your revenue potential.

Social Video Platform DevelopmentSocial Video Platform Development

We can develop social media applications akin to TikTok and Triller, and shape any idea you have in this sector to your specifications.

Media Platform Application DevelopmentMedia Platform Application Development

Should you be interested in creating a platform similar to Netflix or any monthly subscription service for watching movies and series, we can facilitate a complete project development. This includes Android and iOS applications akin to Netflix, or any unique concepts you have that we can bring to life.

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